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QUANTOM® EPR 1333 is two-component solvent free, liquid epoxy coating modified with refined coal tar. The superior adhesion and chemical resistance of the epoxy resin, in combination with the flexibility and water resistant qualities of pitch, produce a material that will provide a high build, ultra-dense coating to protect concrete, other cementitious substrates, and metal, against a wide range of aggressive media. The coating will not support the growth of bacteria and the finished surface is smooth, glossy and black.

QUANTOM® EPR 1333 is used to provide a heavy-duty protective, waterproof, and flexible coating. Uses include the lining of tanks, pipes and ducting, coating concrete, asbestos cement, steel pipes and non- ferrous metals. The product is particularly suitable for use in sewerage work applications and in offshore or marine environments.

QUANTOM® EPR 1333 is an extremely strong adhesive that offers many advantages to the user: • No primer required. • High build coating. • Easy application: brush, roller, spray. • Excellent chemical resistance to aqueous media such as; distilled water, sewage, exhaust gases, marine bacteria, diluted acids and alkalis, salt solutions (Potassium, Sodium). • Excellent broad-spectrum chemical resistance. • Abrasion resistant. • Seamless finish. • Pre-weighed components. • Long term corrosion protection.

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