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Iron based shaped memory alloy in construction


With an increasing demand for productivity, elegance, and practicality, the construction industry is always forced to find new methods and seek out innovation. Developments of new products and technologies are constantly required.

QUANTOM® has set itself these goals and provides different reinforcing systems for the structural engineering domain. Especially maintenance and the associated life-time extension will be key concerns in the future. Researchers in Switzerland invented an easy and novel prestressing technique for retrofitting, new construction, and prefabrication. In this system Iron based Shaped Memory Alloy (Fe-SMA) is used to pre-tension the concrete element with no need for pre-tensioning jack.

The costs of iron-based re-fer memory steel are clearly lower compared to conventional shape memory alloys such as nickel-titanium based materials. This is due to the manufacturing process at an industrial scale and the more reasonable price of its metallic components. From an engineering point of view, it is important to have a precise understanding of a material’s behavior in order to fully develop and optimize its potential. New design concepts for SMA-strengthened structures were developed, and calculations are based on statics of prestressed reinforced concrete structures. Current standards and guidelines for prestressing steel shall be used for Fe-SMA products as well.

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