About Us

QUANTOM® Advanced Materials Co. UK (since 1961) is a leading global supplier of construction advanced materials and structural systems which outperform the properties, functionality and durability of traditional materials. We enjoy a long heritage of pioneering technological excellence and offer a unique and wide range of innovative and tailor-made solutions in over 90 different countries. We maintain leading positions in our key markets through product differentiation, technical support and customer focus. The primary markets we served in the past included coatings, construction, adhesives, power transmission and distribution, general industry, aerospace, wind energy, automotive and sport and leisure.

During the last decade, regarding the booming technology achievements, we are now focused on advanced materials in construction and structural systems including advanced high quality epoxy resins and ultra high strength fibers.

Our products include but are not limited to the following products:

Construction advanced materials including:

  • Natural stone mortar less installation adhesives
  • Natural stone bonding adhesives
  • Masonry wall blocks bonding adhesives
  • Gypsum board and FCB installation adhesives
  • Moisture insulation materials
  • Advanced flooring and coating resins
Structural advanced materials systems including:
  • Ultra high strength and high modulus fibers for FRP systems
  • Ultra high strength epoxy resins for FRP systems
  • Advanced FRP Rebars as modern structural materials